"I did it, Mom!"

The kids are enjoying rollerskating indoors. After a brief bit of playing outside in the cold rain that is melting our snow, our two adventurers were not deterred!

Big brother was whizzing around the house, and here is our daughter's first successful attempt to skate by herself.

She was so excited to do it without help, as she is determined to do *everything* on her own.

Miscellaneous Books

The Clubhouse, based on the characters created by Ezra Jack Keats, by Anastasia Suen and Allan Eitzen

Turtle and Snake's Spooky Halloween by Kate Spohn (a perpetual favorite here!)

New York Themed Books

We love books about New York since Aunt Amber and Uncle Sal live there. We visited NY for their wedding last October and it was a great deal of fun for the kids!

Building Manhattan by Laura Vila

Where on Earth is my Bagel? by Frances Park & Ginger Park, Illustrated by Grace Lin (Our favorite author!! She visited our library April 2007!!

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