Artful Handwriting Helps

Some kids really struggle with handwriting. 

Teachers, parents, and home educators might not have special education staff, occupational therapists, or other resources to assist with children who are frustrated with writing.

Here are a few tips from waldorf certified teacher, Sally Haughey:

Know what handwriting skills are developmentally appropriate - Don't push writing too early!

Use a letter writing zoo helper - visualize lower case letters as chickens, giraffes, and monkeys

Using special writing tools - triangle pencils with special magic fairy dust add sparkle to the joys of writing

More recipes for picky eaters!

Here are more helps for picky eaters:
Image and recipe from My Recipes
 Picky Palate: Original family style recipes for even your most picky eaters -- Tons of recipes, searchable recipe index, giveaways.

Picky eater recipes from Parenting with an emphasis on healthy foods.

Healthy foods and recipes from My Recipes including my favorite strategy which is food on stick.

Picky eater recipes from Kraft Foods that obviously feature their products.

Recipes and strategies from Nick Jr. -- Tips, tricks, tools, and recipes for parents to use in coping with picky eaters.

Strategies and recipes from Food Network to expanding the culinary horizons of picky eaters.


If you find yourself really frustrated that your child has a really small range of foods they will tolerate, you might have a problem eater, not just a picky eater.

Don't despair, however.  There is help!  The sequential-oral-sensory method is helpful for addressing feeding issues.  The Star Center Foundation has more information about this method.  You may be able to find out more about this strategy from a local occupational therapist.  This method is useful for picky eaters as well as problem eaters.  You can also explore resources on Food Chaining.

5 Ways to Turn T-shirts and Tidibits into Accessories + 2 BONUSES

Project Runway is over for the season.  Project Accessory has started.

So my desire to make clothes out of trash has now been replaced with a desire to make jewelry out of trash, left-overs, recycled items, or things otherwise unexpected.

Since I'm not talented I like to get my creative fix with easy DIY projects.

A I'm going through the closets to move from summer to winter I'm finding lots of raw materials for these projects:

Doll Clothes Patterns
T-shirt to cotton boa scarf/necklace for you or a little friend

T-shirt to circle scarf/necklace no sew

Lakeland Local
T-shirt to fringe scarf/ necklace no sew

Kevin [&] Amanda
T-shirt to ringlet scarf/necklace no sew

No Knit Scarf Martha Stewart
Strands of yard to scarf no sew/knit

T-shirts into girls streamer skirt

Skirt tutorial from Sew Easy Being Green

BONUS: Visit Craft stylish for 7 ways to restyle a t-shirt including tranforming them into a cardigan, ruffly cardigan, or gathered tunic.

T-shirt to tunic from Craft Stylish

Green Apple Orchard
Bonus! Easy peasy instructions for a rag quilt to give life to old t-shirts or jeans :-)

Indulgent websites for crafty mom with kids

Image Source
If websites were like warm luxurious bubble baths I could soak in this one for hours.

Creative Jewish Mom: Enhancing every day in every way with creativity.

I'm not Jewish.

I have almost no clue about the religious, cultural, or traditional significance of the food or crafts she describes. 

But the projects are fantastical whimsical delights -- both grown up and kid versions.

There is even an entire section devoted to "recycled crafts" which is one of my passions.

You'll never look at glass bottles, lids, cupcake liners, or paper plates the same.
Fabric Flowers
No sew fleece cozies
Elegant Paper Roses
Zipper flower headbands

Make your own kid-friendly watercolors
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