Stack the snacks.

Stackable Packet Bins. Here are some more stacking products to help organize the pantry. I *love* how you can access anything without disturbing the other bins!! What a great idea!

Still in search of efficient shoe storage...It's the Goldilocks problem

True confessions. We still haven't solved the shoe (and lack of coat closet) problem that I wrote about this past winter.

And now with summer it is much easier to ignore the problem...bare feet, flip flops, and the lack of winter apparel don't really need too much space at this time of year.

But this year I'm determined to tackle this problem before summer ends!!!

What is stopping us? It's probably the fact that we need a custom solution;
  • The "mud room" is also the "dining room" so we don't want to eat inside a closet of dirty boots and coats hanging in view.
  • The space is small and oddly shaped with 6 openings in the room.
  • And being an Asian family, we keep all our shoes at the front door which is also extremely practical.
  • To get the storage we need we have to optimize every single inch. Too many pre-fab shoe storage options waste space and are inefficient.
  • Each shoe, boot, backpack, sports bag, coat, and roller skate needs a cubby that is designed for just it's size....not too big, not too small.
In addition to everything I've researched already, here are some additional options we're considering.

Adjustable Shoe Cubbies. These seemed like a good idea since they are customizable. But some reviewers have complained they are too small and too difficult to assemble. The 6" x 6" openings are probably too small for even one men's shoe. Bummer.

Shoe and Boot Pods. These "pods" act like drawers so you can pull one out container without disturbing the rests. They are designed for shoes and boots, although they have to lay on their side to fit. The #4 boot size pod would allow adult size shoes to sit side by side.

Sterilite Clearview Storage Drawer. We have these around the house for organizing office supplies, but I'm thinking now that these might be just the right size to stack in the most efficient manner. There are different sizes to accomodate different shoes, boots, and accesories. But I'm not sure how many you could stack before the weight is too much.

Create a fantasy wonderland with these cookbooks

Check out these scrumptious Barbara Berry cookbooks!
We got the fairy cookbook from the library. My daughter, son, and I were immediately ready to have party after we saw the pictures.

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