Space planning puzzle.... Can you solve this?

How would you like to be an interior designer for a moment and help us solve our space planning puzzle?

This is our living room.  It is fraught with challenges.

Three entryways; no overhead lights; floor vents and windows that prevent some furniture placement; asymmetrical placement of the fireplace, windows, overhead ceiling beams, and bookshelves.

Multiple Functions

  • Eating meals
  • Doing work at the table
  • Messy art projects
  • Lighting candles in the fireplace
  • Watching TV
  • Storing all our books, school supplies, and arts supplies

Ready? Here is the challenge:

1. Include at least these pieces of furniture

  • Dining room table - not fully extended
  • Dining room chairs - 4 regular ones, 2 captains chairs if possible
  • Sofa
  • Nature table for the crabs and fish
  • 4 Billy bookshelves for the homeschool stuff, books, art supplies
  • Small 27" Television
    • It currently sits on fireplace hearth/bench so it doesn't have its own cutout piece here
    • It could sit on top of the 2 drawer lateral file
2. Do not block windows with bookshelves

3. Do not block floor vents with bookshelves, sofa, or piano

4. Do not block bookshelves by the fireplace.

5. Place nature table near outlet and kitchen since we have to change fish water often.

6. Figure out TV placement
  • needs to be near one of the two cable outlets
  • needs to be seen from the table and the sofa
  • view cannot be blocked by tall dining room chairs
6. The dining room table needs to be more convenient for viewing the TV so people will not be inclined to eat meals on the sofa -- even though I completely agree that the sofa is much more comfortable!  Mission furniture is beautiful to look at and miserable to use.

Print out the pieces, cut 'em up and start placing!!

Take a picture, scan and image, or send an email :-)

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