K-12 math learned in 30 hours?! Learn math without "teaching?"

Learning what you want, when you want, how you want. That's the general approach followed by unschoolers, and advocates of natural learning or self-directed learning. [See principles of unschooling and unschooling 101]

Unschooling is popular among homeschoolers, even among new "converts" who have seen the emotional damage done to their children by academic environments.

This natural learning or self-directed learning is even "endorsed" by a leading academic scholar .

But how can you learn math without being strictly being taught?

"If you never teach a stitch of math, in a mathematical culture your kids will learn heaps of it anyway. " [Here are 4 ideas to get started.]

And, it turns out that if you wait until a kid is ready and motivated, they can learn everything they need to know about math concepts from K through 12 to do well on an SAT in 30 hours according to David Albert.

Here's some good reading on the subject:

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