How to make your own pillow that folds into a pet


First it was Betty Crocker Bake 'n Fill.  Then it was Snuggies. This year's ridiculously overly-simplistic but over-priced and over-marketed item  requested on the Christmas wish list is Pillow Pets.  (I'm surprised I haven't heard about the Big Top Cupcake set this year!)

If you are like me you're probably thinking there's gotta be a way for me to make a stupid pillow with a head.

Fortunately for us there are lots of talented folks out there who have already figured out how and are willing to share their ideas. And here they are...

Twelve Crafts Till Christmas offers a tutorial for utterly adorable entirely handmade Pillow Buddies (part 1 and part 2) including the head and tail. She makes it look easy!

All Things Shea provides instructions for a notquiteapillowpet made by sewing a pillow but using a stuffed animal (like one from the dollar store or an old one lying about) for the head and tail.

Jen Goode provides inspiration and ideas for the cutest Bed Bugs pillow friends you could ever find!  These are imaginative and crafted entirely by hand, including fanciful faces, wings, and legs.

TeachNdahood at Instructables shows the steps for creating a knock off pillow pet using a specific animal form, in this case a horse.

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