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What are schools going to do in response to the rise in Autism spectrum disorders?

Science has issued a statement that I'll bet doesn't surprise a lot of teachers, day care workers, or parents. 

More kids have autism than we thought.  New research suggests that 1% of all kids in the U.S. are included in this group. That includes 1 out of every 91 of our kids.  And it's more likely to be our boys than our girls. 1 in 58 boys now have this label.

And we know there are estimates that 1 in 20 kids have sensory processing disorders more specifically.

Taken together, this means that every teacher can easily find him or herself with one of these children in class.

Granted, the labels are becoming wider and less specific as the spectrum grows according to the Doctors at the Eide Neurolearning clinic and authors of The Mislabeled Child.  But they note that this label opens the doors to help.

But they also note that giftedness often occurs alongside autism spectrum disorders including sensory processing disorder (formerly referred to as sensory integration disfunction).
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