Evils of modern technology!

When I hear or read people lamenting about the evils of today's technology I think back to some old passages I've read and wish I could find again.

The authors of old wrote warnings about how those newfangled book things were going to rot the minds of youth and keep them from doing real work.

I guess it takes us a while to realize that those emerging technologies eventually turn into the way we work and interact with the world, minds still intact.

Thanks to the Daily Mail for those newly found Edwardian fashion photos that inspired my blog post!



One paint project and a chicken later...

These adventures in crafting and decorating tickled my funny bone today....

-- A really scientific professional way to fix and dress up a garage sale dresser, or not

-- Why everyone needs a needs a huge chicken

-- And why everyone now hunts for  their own big metal chicken

My shelves make me happy

I hate to admit it but I get *so* grumpy when my husband brings home the groceries.

Don't get me wrong.  I am supremely thankful he does all the cooking and all the grocery shopping.

My husband = Top Chef!

  • His ability to cook wonderful things from whatever is lying about (and in whatever state of chaos is found in the kitchen) amazes me.
  • But me? -- I'm easily overwhelmed by choices (ack! all those shelves in the grocery store) and by disorganization.
When the new groceries come home I have to try to figure out where to put them and there never seems to be enough space.

  • I like spaces to be designated for one type of item in the fridge, pantry, and storage closets.
  • But somehow everything spills over into the space belonging to something else...sort of a theme here! 

So every couple of months I reorganize everything.

Rows of condiments, pickles, pasta sauces/cheese, jelly, dairy

We all know it won't last. But for now I'm going to just breathe and enjoy my few days of peace whenever I look at my shelves and see symmetry.

Every bean has its own row = Joy.
I save the boxes that bulk canned items come in and recycle
them into storage for different cans.

Rows for condiments, dressings, every form of canned tomato,
broths, pastas, fruits, veggies = More Joy.

I've been doing everything on the cheap. But these clear stackable Fridge Binz items would be great to help organize the refrigerator. Maybe it would help enforce boundaries of items?!

These can organizers would be fabulous too. Rotating can racks would save time instead of taking everything out and reorganizing rows by "last in first out."

Simple tricks to avoid throwing away food...

I'm paranoid about food safety.  So I'm always throwing things out when in any doubt.  My husband and I debate who opened what and when.

Hopefully we'll have fewer of those conversations now.

I simply put a Sharpie permanent marker in the magnetic holder on the refrigerator.

When anyone opens a new jar of something they are supposed to write the date on the lid.

You can even use the permanent marker to write the date on glass dishes with leftovers. The marker comes off with fingernail polish remover.

If you want to high tech you can invest in these digital timers.

The DaysAgo Digital Day Counter counts down days until the food expires based on how  many days you set.  It has a magnetic backing and attaches to a variety of things.

The Bean Tag timer will actually beep to remind you before the food expires.  Perhaps I should get some of those to attach to bills.

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