Decluttering in the New Year - Recycling everything!

Well, we're keeping up our attempts to declutter our way through 2009.

One of the barriers I have to decluttering is holding on to things that cannot be recyled curbside but should be able to be recycled.

Upon investigating, here are the places that will indeed recycle those items that have piled up at our house!

Plastics #2-7 including caps and lids:

Styrofoam: Various Dart Container sites
Cardboard and Boxboard:
Clothes that aren't good enough for donating:
Computers, Printers, TV's, electronics
  • Lansing City - Fee-based appliances & electronics recycling event on May 2, 2009
  • Search by zipcode at Mygreenelectronics website - (I'm trying to contact each of the sites listed in our area to verify their services/costs.)
Books, magazines, telephone books
Expired car seats, baby swings, etc.:
  • There is still nothing available locally, but you can ship these items to babyearth in Texas and receive a $5 coupon from their store.
  • However, the folks in the Portland, Oregon car seat recycling program suggest that the environmental impact of shipping the items is worse than landfilling them. I'm wondering if the use of freight train for shipping the items would be more environmentally sound. I've heard that Amtrack is the cheapest way of sending large packages.
  • Check out this blogger and trying to get a nationally mandated car seat recycling program in place and this blogger about how to start programs in your area. I've already been working on that but it seems we have no local market for these items.
updated 3-9-2009


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