Go to MIT for free

Okay, you don't get a degree but you can get the education.

Check out MIT's online classes through their open coursework project.

As a homeschooling mom I wish we had access to this kind of material for K-12 curriculum too.

But this is the coursework I'm salivating over!!
And it is official, my undergrad psychology professor, Duane Kauffman was right and I was wrong.

He tried to explain the importance of neuroscience to the field of psychology and I thought it was just to "sciency" at the time.
I avoided it like the plague during graduate school thinking I was more interested in the "touchy-feely" side of pyschology.

Well, yeah, I'm still interested in the practical, outreach side of psychology, and happen to like being around people more than lab samples. But I'm all geeked up on the science of psychology and totally fascinated by brain science.
Dear Duane, thanks for being ahead of the curve and getting us to at least take advanced cognitive science classwork at GC! Enjoy your retirement!


cheryl said...

I believe the U of M (University of MN) was working on the neuro science of the brain's wave pattern to physically move matter from one location to another. Through conection of electrodes to sensory impulses of the brain, scientist were able to move boxes from left to right etc on the computer screen.

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