Cheap Swag Lights -- Lighting on the Cheap (but colorful!)

My 70's house seems destined for swag lights.  I'm sure it has had its share of them over the years.

It came without overhead lighting and given it's small size there's not a lot of real estate to devote to floor or table lamps.

Although I do have my original 70's swag lights from my childhood...but that's not cutting it for me.  I need something trendy and colorful.  Oh, yeah...and cheap.  If it involves crafting...even better!

And look what I found!!

This beautiful and crafty straw pendant light is courtesy of and comes with directions for DIYers.

And for more inspiration, we always look to apartment therapy, and they don't disappoint.  Unfortunately this one doesn't come with instructions so you are on your own.

If you don't mind missing out on the crafty part of making your own swag light you can try these economical alternatives,

OM gallery has lots of silk and bamboo lanterns for great prices (2.2' lanterns for $17.99 at this writing) and they come in lots of colors and shapes. They also offer a selection of paper lanterns and cord kits for more flexibility.

IKEA has the reliable solutions like this MELODI hanging pendant light for $12.99.


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