Help Grace Lin find this dress for the Oscars!

Children's author and illustrator and Newberry honoree, Grace Lin, is looking for her dress to wear to the Newberry banquet.  And since this is the equivalent to the Oscars in her world, she is looking for the perfect dress to wear.

This painted lotus cotton and silk dress from Anthropologie was her first choice, but it is sold out everywhere! Okay, well there is a size 0 version of this dress on ebay, but petite Ms. Lin says that it is too small for her.

The dress pattern seems pretty simple to me.  It's the fabric and structured placement of patterns that really sells the look. has some beautiful Asian-inspired fabric [see below] that might be able to carry off a similar look.

There is the floral pattern for the skirt the geometric pattern on the bodice and the solid black accents. But the geometric patterns here don't have the same black accents in the background like the Anthropologie dress.  And these are cotton rather than cotton and silk fabrics.  But it makes me hopeful that a an inspired version of this dress can be crafted. 

Good luck with the dress search, Grace, and congratulations on the honor for "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!


Grace Lin said...

aww! thanks so much, Melissa! Maybe an anthropologie dress goddess will smile upon me after reading your post! :)

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