What can you do with discarded plastic VHS cassette tape boxes?

Responding to a craigslist add for some storage boxes made me the lucky winner of an overflowing shopping cart full of old VHS cassette tape boxes.  Technically they were for audio tapes so there are small prongs inside to make the small cassette fit into the large box.

Savvy 'n Sassy Ribbon was excited to get them too...her stash below is considerable smaller than mine!

My initial idea was to use them to make the zillions of learning game kits and materials for centers like Ms. Powell (now Mrs. Watson) from Cornerstone Teaching uses. She uses zip top baggies but I thought these cases would be much more sturdy and perfect for the job!

I figured I would also be able to use them for storing small crafts like Materials for the Arts has done.

But with this abundance I need to tap into some more creative juices.  Here are some ideas others have already found:

The librarians had the most ideas!
- Detective kits for reading program "Get a Clue" theme
- Book safes
- Decorate for treasure box
- Pencil and school supply holder (and can be checked out for use at the library)
- First aid kits
- Zoo in a box kit
- Scrapbook kits
- Travel game box

You can make an impressive cover for your logic analyzer or project boxes.  Unfortunately I have no idea what that is. I clearly have no need for this but it looks really cool!

Now this is more like it!  Here's the tutorial for turning the VHS case into a purse!

How about a "dummy" key holder?


Cartel Cel said...

Hi do u still make custom vhs cases?. I would like to purchase

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