Easy to sew gifts for -- or with -- children

These are gifts you can make for a child, or better yet (and you have more patience than I often do) you can give them the gift of time and have them make it with you!  Put all the supplies and instructions in an atttractive container and give it as a kit.

Free patterns for sewing (or not sewing)....

Felt Trees - From Oh So Happy Together

No Sew Felt Pasta - from Treasures for Tots

Fabric Tipi - from Sew Mama Sew

Cloth diapers for dolls - from Skip to my Lou

Fabric Barn or Doll house - from UK Lass in US

Winter Wonderland Dress - from Ruffles and Stuff

Hat and Sweater from a repurposed sweater - from Ruffles and Stuff and Skip to my Lou

Dandelion light - from Ruffles and Stuff

Ruffly Umbrella - from Ruffles and Stuff

Marshmallow Gun - from Cub Scout Pack 002

Monster Puke Bubble Bath - from Craft bits


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