What to do with the leftovers from the 25 pound bag of flour?!

Well, the playdough project lead me here!

With 15 or so pounds of flour left I was inspired to make some bread.

I was inspired by my amazingly talented and thrifty sister-in-law.

She never buys bread anymore but always bakes it on Tuesdays with her two little boys.

Over the holidays she brought some over to mom and dad's and it was so yummy.

And I practiced making mom's cinnamon rolls under her tuteledge.  So I figured I was ready to go back to trying some yeast breads of my youth (aka my 20's!)

During my youth we passed around "Amish bread starter" at my Mennonite place of work. So for a while I was making bread quite a bit.  And it was pretty good.

Then I went all "crunchy" and started using only whole wheat flour. Then all I could make was bricks and I lost interest.

Fast forward two decades and here I am with a successful attempt at baking honey wheat bread using this 5 star recipe.

This success is monumental given the fact that I *do not* cook. 

I basically wreck boxed mac and cheese.

My husband is a foodie so we rely on his talents.

But I make awesome fruit platters for my kids!!


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