Free phonics and spelling lessons

Free Resources for Teaching and Learning Phonics for Reading and Spelling

Phonics Primer -- from National Right to Read Foundation
What are all the different sounds in the English language? In what order should the sounds be taught?

Decoding sounds for spelling and reading -- from The Phonics Page
What are the different ways to spell the same sounds? What is the likelihood that a certain sound (e.g. long a) is spelled a certain way (e.g. a, ay, eigh, ai) in the English language?

Free complete phonics lessons online -- from The Phonics Page
Uses quicktime player tutorials to teach sounds, rules, etc. and provide self-tests. While the actual lessons are non-sectarian, Biblical texts are read after each lesson, with newly learned syllables or words highlighted.

Comprehensive list of spelling rules -- from "Reading from Scratch" at

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