Help for kids who hate writing

I know I am not alone in having a son who HATES to write. 

I've heard occupational therapists complain about how lots of kids (especially boys) are forced to write in school before they are really physically ready to do so.  Boys fine motor skills often develop later than girls.

And I know there are LOTS of homeschooling families and homeschool curricula that introduce actual handwriting until later than is introduced in public school, again, especially for boys.

So we follow tips provided by educators, occupational therapists, and seasoned home educators.
  • aproach handwriting as it's own separate subject (when the student is ready)
  • take handwriting out of other assignments so it is not a barrier to learning
  • use oral reports, tiles, and other manipulatives as a substitute for writing lessons and answers
  • write using computers or other keyboard-type devices
  • make writing enjoyable and motivating when you teach it

 So here are some resources for making writing more enjoyable!

60 different multi-sensory strategies for spelling, some of which involve writing and use tools like these:

iwritewords - $1.99 application for ipod touch that makes sure your kids trace and form numbers and letters correctly and in a fun way, also teaches spelling, winner of several awards and highly rated by parents

Mr. Pencil's Learn to Draw and Write by Leapfrog - $25 application that works on all leapster systems, teaches correct formation of letters and numbers, has several more games and drawing applications to learn about color theory, drawing lessons, freestyle drawing and coloring, highly rated by parents

Handwriting without tears - popular curriculum for home and school use, multisensory strategies, therapeutic use

Student response boards - a HUGE selection of dry erase boards for different subjects including writing, just a sampling below


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