Friendly Chemistry: Is it possible?

True confessions, I am a social scientist.  I love research and even statistics.  But chemistry gave me stomach aches every day in high school.  I finally dropped it.

Fast forward from those ancient times.  I have a 9 year old homeschooled son whose only subject he actually doesn't hate is Chemistry.

The promise of explosions, sparks, and other visible chemical changes are very alluring to my sensory-seeking son.

He's done every science experiment he's seen on Steve Spangler's site and lots of probably unsafe experiments viewed on Youtube. My neighbors can tell you about the 6 foot flame created by two curious boys.

So I'm not exactly confident I'll be able to keep ahead of him and help him fully develop his chemistry knowledge.  So I'm thrilled to see this resource highlighted on Freely Educate.

There are more materials and manipulatives available to accompany the book at the Friendly Chemistry Website.


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