Finally! A really really good use for loo rolls

First of all, it's really fun to say "loo rolls" instead of toilet paper tubes.  Australians make everything sound fun!

Second, my daughter and I are *almost* finally able to convince our obsessive-compulsive selves we *do not* have to make crafts out of everything destined for the trash now that our city recycles practically everything. [yay!] 

No more "reuse." Just "recycle."  But I don't think paper towel and toilet paper rolls are recyclable at this point. I guess I better double check that fact. But not before trying this!!!

So, yes, thank you Myrtle and Eunice of Melbourne for this lovely cheerful idea on a cold dark winter day, and to Lauren at Stamp48 for sharing it.

Festive Loo Rolls by Myrtle and Eunice shared via Stamp48
 And here is another variation from Growing Up Creative that looks equally interesting.

From Growing Up Creative

Now, if I could just figure out what kind of material would do this same thing but be waterproof.  This seems like a fantastic design for outdoor wall out.  Ideas anyone??


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