Take your own Project Runway Challenge: Design your own fabric

I've always love the Project Runway challenge in which the contestant-designers get to design and use their own fabric.

(And it always reminds me of my talented high school classmate Kris M. who wanted to design her own fabric. I hope she got to do that.)

So for the rest of us who might want to indulge in our fabric-making fantasies we can turn to places like Spoonflower and design our own custom fabric.

Ice Cream Paraphernalia
Ice Cream Paraphernalia by kayajoy on Spoonflower

Fabrics start at $16.20 per yard and $5 swatches.  Lots of user designs are featured so it is a great place to get lost for a while.

I can almost guarantee you'll find fabric designs you'll want to buy and use, especially knowing that the fabric isn't something you'll see sitting on the shelves at every fabric store.


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