Somebody's been sketching in my book again....Off to Mood!

I've learned to keep a small notebook and pen in my classy grown up purse mom backpack.
Just the Bear Necessities.
The notebook is handy for gathering phone numbers for play dates and taking notes at at community meetings when I don't feel like schlepping forget to take my binders.

Binders and spirals and notebooks oh my
It's also good for placating bored kids at said meeting by giving them the notebook and some crayons or pen.

Today I discovered my notebook had escaped from my backpack.

I found my notebook on on the play table with these clandestine entries from my 6 year old daughter, Rosalie:

Dress with custom designed fabric
Yes, she's into fashion design right now.  And it is so much fun to have someone to watch Project Runway with now!  

Perhaps we will be able to help her get her own fabric designs printed at Spoonflower or on our inkjet printer.

Dress and accessories
This second dress above seems Kenley inspired with her vintage silhouette and headware. I think it's adorable of course! 

Designer Kenley Collins

Kenley Collin's vintage inspired dresses
I'm just thinking about what Tim Gunn might say about the nature and placement of skirt graphics given his past statements that made us all laugh. lol.

The famous "pubic patch" problem

But I digress. As usual.

Looking through my notebook it was so nostalgic to see how her drawings have evolved.  

These same sketches were in my notebook from a few years ago when she was likely bored at some meeting or appointment.

Designing hair and earrings

Designing kites

Designing miniature golf course

So now my daughter is getting ready to head to Mood Walmart for her first design challenge.

She's got a budget of $11 that must include tax. So she's already calculated her fabric and trims must equal $10.34 or less (sneaky math).

Sketching dress and accessories

Measuring existing white "inspiration" dress for pattern
Um yes, it's sad but the king size bed is the largest uninterrupted space in the house for doing large craft projects.

Measuring everywhere
Shh! Don't tell her she is learning math while measuring. Ah, the joys of homeschooling in the tradition of Total  Immersion Learning.

Dress and hat design sketch
She seems to have a Mila inspired color blocking approach to a number of her sketched designs.

Designer Mila Hermanovski

Mila's dress

Let's see where this adventure  in pattern-making and design goes.

I could REALLY use a professional (and homeschool mom) like Rowena and her amazing pattern-making skills, ability to refashion one thing into another (including converting regular clothes into nursing wear).

Rowena's famous and amazing easy to sew infinity dress that can be worn a zillion ways
Her daughter is lucky to have a mom who would be able to help her turn her drawn inspirations into real world designs.  

Ella's first dress as a 6 year old too!

But I'm going to just delve into this attempt with to create a pattern with Rosalie drawing inspiration from Ella's mom Rowena who says this about her imperfect dress from 8th grade:

"what's my point???  it's just this:  not knowing how to do something is no reason not to do it.  just make something, learn as you go, before you know it you'll be teaching someone else all the tricks of the trade."

Just a beginner dress
So hopefully we can delve into this pattern making and sewing project with such good results too!

Lol. I still have my first sewing projects from middle school too.

Wish me luck!!


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