Strewing: The path to learning for self-directed learners and their unschooling parents

I've always followed the Reggio Emilia principle that "the environment is the third teacher."  We've tried to have interesting and educational elements in our home schooling total immersion environment.

Granted, keeping it innovative and new can be challenging.  It's hard to rotate and store things in a small space. (Send me tips, people!!)

And I've learned (sometimes the hard way) that it is better to just make things "available" but without pressure. In fact, the less I draw attention to something the more motivating it is to my self-directed learners.

But I didn't realize this practice has a term. It's called "Strewing" in the unschooling world.

"I just strew their paths with interesting things." 
Sandra Dodd
Here are some interesting tips and resources on how to "Strew"

Strewing our children's path
How to strew
Just add light and stir
Here in the Bonney Glen: Strewing
Strewing for unschooling and homeschooling families

Parents as secret agents in strewing
"Try to see yourself as a secret agent! You mission is to infiltrate your child's education with something that delights and interests them. You will blow your cover if you point the item out or try to get them interested in it! Your mission is successful when they discover it – and it DOES interest and delight them." - Homeschooling Ideas.


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