Cool tool for designing shelving spaces

For quite a while now we've been trying to configure a "mud room" that is in our dining room. Gotta love those 70's ranches with no entry rooms!

I've used several online tools to configure closet spaces. Most have been clunky, limited, and not flexible enough to deal with open wall spaces.

But I've really liked using the "Interactive Closet Designer" for Rubbermaid's "Configuration Series." (It does have a couple of quirks with the vertical spacing though.)

And I've liked this product the best for our particular application. Based on reviews, the "Configuration Series" seems more sturdy, more adjustable, and is easier to install than their "Selectives" series.

This is an example of one of the configurations we were considering for our "mud room" (basically a wall in the dining room next to the entry door). It allows for ample shoe storage, a place for in season coats, and a few backpacks, sports bags, and briefcases.


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