Still more shoe storage ideas

The never ending search for the perfect shoe storage continues...

Revisiting our Priorities:
(1) Visually appealing (we have to stare at these from the dining room table)
(2) Maximizes space (allows 3 pairs of men's shoes per row)
(3) Sturdy (Waterproof, rustproof, easy to clean, not wobbly)
(4) Cost effective (less than $2/linear foot)
(5) Allows for storage above for coats, keys, etc.

3 Tier Mesh Shoe rack ($39.99 for three 25" shelves)

4 Tier Wire Rack ($19.99 for four 25" shelves)

Stackable storage closet shelf ($9.99 for one 18" shelf)

Stackable Chrome Rack ($29.99 for two 30" shelves)
Stackable Wire Shelf ($8.99 for one 24" shelf)

Shoe drawer ($6.99 for one 12 7/8" L x 8 7/8" W x 6" H container) by Sterilite
6 quart storage tote ($19.99 for twelve 13 1/2”L x 8 1/4”W x 4 3/4”H that tapers approx. 1" down from top to bottom) by Sterilite


Adela Sabrina Meghan said...

wow! it was very cool, shoe storage ideas that you write so inspire me, I sting like all, thank you, this article is so helpful to me :)

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