"Post-Harvest" Storage Guidlines

I didn't even know that there was an academic field devoting to storing my fruits and vegetables!

How cool is that for a blend of science and practical life?!!

And it's good news since many folks are trying to grow more produce at home for taste, health, and money savings.

Refrigerator vs. Countertop? Here's the answer from UC Davis' Post-harvest Technology and Research Center and the Home Orchard project.

Storing nuts, flowers, fruits, vegetables? Here's an *insanely detailed* database of how to store them all from the Sydney Postharvest Laboratory. Look up produce by specific type and level of ripeness and you'll get several pages of information about how to store it. Very cool!!

Which produce can be (or not be) stored together, and what should I eat first after bringing groceries home? Here's a set of guidelines from vegetarian times.

Based on these separate sources I'm going to have to do a cluster analysis based on storage type (fridge vs. counter) X ethylene producing (yes vs. no) X ethylene sensitivity (yes vs. no) X ripeness level. I'll get post details of this!

*UPDATE* Here is the link to compatible fruit and vegetable storage groups!!

In the meantime, here are a couple of nifty ways to store produce in and out of the refrigerator:

Out of the refrigerator....

Slide out vegetable bin

In the refrigerator.....

**Disclaimer -- These are plastic. I've been trying to rid our kitchen of plastic. But I figure the health benefits of eating more produce and vegetables will offset potential risks of the plastic at this point in time.

Produce Keepers from Tupperware

(BPA-free!) Produce Keepers from Progressive

Produce Keepers from Rubbermaid



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