Fabulous Fun with Free Fonts

Oh my goodness!! I had no idea how many deliciously decadent different fonts are available, let alone for free!

6500 Free Fonts at http://www.webpagepublicity.com/ - Tons of fonts but somewhat difficult to sort through since they are only organized alphabetically. The fonts are for windows only. There are other interesting "teaser freebies" on the site.

8000+ Free Fonts at http://www.urbanfonts.com/ - These are much easier to locate because they are organized by style (e.g. retro, Asian, futuristic, sophisticated, holidays, etc.) and alphabetically. All are for windows and some are also for mac.

For a lot of fun explore the "famous" font category. You might be able to find a front styled after your favorite food, drink, TV show, movie, rock band, etc.

Here's just a small sample of some of the great treasures you can find at Urbanfonts. (The words are the name of the font in case you want to search for them.)


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