What is your vote for repurposing souvenier spoons and their display racks?


My maternal grandmother helped me to start a souvenier spoon collection just like hers, as a child. I think most of my spoons were from grandpa and grandma's many travels, but I think I legitimately collected a few myself!

It seems like I always forgot to get a spoon while I was actually in the state and had to find it afterwards.

A few years ago grandma had put all of of her spoons and display racks in a box. I found it with my name on it when we were going through grandpa and grandma's things.

So now our two collections are together. I definitely don't want to part with the spoons. But I'm also pretty sure I don't want to display them in the hodge podge of racks. There are way too many spoons to fit and I think our walls would be covered if I displayed them all!

So I had some ideas....

(1) Display groups of spoons in antique glass jars.
(2) Create spoon chandeliers -- without flattening the spoons like people do to make windchimes out of old silverware -- and without drilling holes in the spoons but just use wire wrap.

I thought the spoon chandelier was pretty unique, but I guess I'm wrong. I found several pretty inspirational ones online. But hopefully I'll be able to put my own unique twist on mine. Here's what others have done:

Check out some cool spoon mobiles and lots of repurposed stuff turned into lights.


I'm a self-confessed pack rat. I probably could just get rid of the racks, but not until I have completely convinced myself that I couldn't do something creative and useful with them first!

It turns out others have some suggestions:

(1) Turn it into a hankie display rack (lovely, but not necessarily useful...the vintage linens are better off in a drawer)

(2) Turn it into a jewelry hanger (useful since I now have tons of grandma's jewelry to add to the stuff she gave me before -- but I'm not sure it is very efficient.) This is a beautifully re-done rack by a talented Etsy crafter.



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