Free and Cheap Stained Glass Designs

I have two windows that need help.

(1) An old salvaged window I wanted to creatively repurpose
(2) An ugly front door window that could also use some privacy

Here are some fabulous solutions:

(1) Paint faux stained glass designs using glass paint directly on the window
(2) Paint faux stained glass designs on a plastic sheet using puffy paint to create removable window clings
(3) Print faux stained glass designs on specialty vinyl cling film using an inkjet printer or have your local copy & print store do it for you on a larger scale.
(4) Oh yeah, and you can pop down to the giant hardware store to buy the decorative window film. But what's the creativity in that?!

Free Patterns and Tips:

Here are some sources of free stained glass patterns you can use as inspiration in designing your own look:

Look for tips on calculating the pixel size of your design or resizing an existing pattern among other things at


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