Keeping things organized at home with kids

So far we've added shelves or organizers in the kitchen pantry, entry way, hall closet, linen closet, master bedroom, the refrigerator and on 3 walls in the garage.

It's not beautiful, but at least more of our things have "homes" now. And there are still lots of places that are disastrously messy in this 1200 sq ft home.

And of course I opened one closet to find all my nice labels had popped off. So it's a process of trial and error.

But here are 3 things that worked this week:

(1) I pulled the kitchen waste basket out from under the sink and left it sitting out so it was accessible. This resulted in the kids disposing lots more of their things properly.

(2) I pulled the paper shredder out where we can reach it. When my artist daughter has finished drawing on her daily ream of paper I offer to let her shred her non-masterpieces under my watchful eye. She loves the shredder more than she loves holding on to all of her artwork.

(3) My sensory-seeking kids love to smell (and use gargantuan amounts of) their many scented shampoos and will empty a bottle in one showering. So I re-used one of our empty foaming soap dispensers.

I put a little of the scented soap in the bottom and filled it 3/4 full with distilled water. So now the shampoo is even better because it's more like their beloved shaving cream texture. Here's a recipe for making your own.

Now I can monitor their usage and make sure only "one serving" of shampoo gets used per shower. Of course I'm going to have to get lots more distilled water!!

By the way, Northern Essence is a fun place to get TONS of great smelling Tearless Foaming Wash/Shampoo refills. Check out the INSANELY HUGE list of fragrances. There must be 200 or more fragrances!!!


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