Get organized in the New Year with free calendars!!

For those of us organizing our life, schedules, or homeschool activities on old fashioned paper....

There is no need to buy those expensive calendar pages for the new year!

Here is a source for free printable calendars in a variety of forms including a daily planner.

Am I the only one NOT using a Blackberry or equivalent device?  I just found it too hard to keep everything in sync and charged

I currently have a hate-hate relationship with chargeable devices. 

I mean really -- 10 pictures per set of batteries???  I charged a dozen or more batteries for use over the holidays and ran out halfway through Christmas morning! argh!

Well -- then there is also the fact that sometimes I'm just much more productive if I don't open up anything on a computer or electronic device. 

Relying on paper for some things keeps me focused, or maybe just less un-focused. 


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