When is the next orbiting object flying over your house?

When is a satellite flying over your zip code? You can find out!

Check it out here: http://spaceweather.com/flybys/flybys.php

This one is coming my way in 10 minutes!

As the homeschooling author of http://www.sizzlebop.com/ suggests "Wave hello to the astronauts!"  Of course not all these satellites are staffed, but you can search for the ones that are.

Yet another way to encourage hands on science activities and learning what amazing real time data is available to us all.


Bean said...

Hi, thanks for your great blog. I am not able to find the calendar of current homeschool offerings you used to have here---have you moved it or discontinued it?

Thanks again,

Quon_mom said...

Thanks for the comment, Shelly! I'm glad to know that someone else was using it!!!

I didn't think the calendar was being used so I didn't pay for the calendar software after the free trial ended.

If it is useful to folks I can try to re-post it with a google calendar. It's not as snazzy but would probably do the job!

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