Recipe for something like Wikki Stix

Call them Wikki Stix, Wax Works, or Bendaroos -- they are all the same wonderful pliable waxy strings that kids (and teachers!) love for so many reasons.

They are so tactile. They aren't messy. You can make and un-make anything your mind can imagine. They are good for a variety of learning styles and abilities. 

You can use integrate them into so many subjects, including reading, spelling, math, geography, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Here is a recipe to let you make your own and save lots of money while also unleashing your creativity.

This photo is with the recipe from Bethany at the "Happy to Be Called Mommy" blog. 

Aren't the colors just scrumptious?  It's so much better than the standard colors from the store! 

This recipe uses 1 toilet sealant wax ring, 1/2 cup of paraffin wax, and a ball of colorful yarn.

If you like fun, crafty projects for yourselves or your kids you need to check out Bethany's fabulous photos and ideas!!!!

While our blogs don't have the same political views, I really appreciate her art and her wonderful ideas as a homeschooling mom sharing her ideas online!

There is another very detailed and helpful recipe with loads of ideas for using the finished product from the folks at Early Words.

There are a few other recipes online with the same basic ingredients, only the proportions vary somewhat.  Some folks also suggest coloring the wax mixture with food coloring or crayon shavings.

Other examples:
  • Teachers offer recipe and ideas for using wikki stix
  • Another recipe from a group working with visually impaired students
  • 3rd Grade teacher Mrs. Powell uses wikki stix and other wonderful items to create centers for her students -- She's got TONS of resources that parents and parents can use. Check it out!!

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