Am I asking too much?

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I love color.

I'm obsessive.

I crave mathematical patterns and symmetry.

I'm all about the function over design.

I'm design-challenged.

So naturally I look to math to solve the problem of picking out wall colors.

Only it's not working so well.

We're trying to create color palettes that are pleasing to all the occupants of this tiny house.

So I'm looking to some color palette generators to select paint combinations that include all our wishes.

There are some great ones, but they usually only let you start with one or two colors in the scheme.

Then it builds on those two colors.

I need these magical math color calculators to solve more complex problems:

ME: Hey, color calculator!

COLOR: Hey, what?

ME: Can you find me a color palette that looks good and has the red or orange that my son wants everywhere?

COLOR: Sure!

ME:  It also has to take into account the he really likes dark brown and wants to feel like he is in a cabin.

COLOR: Sure...

ME: No, wait...The palette has to include lots of white or cream to add on the other non-focal walls so his room isn't a dark depressing cave with little natural light.

ME: Oh, and we want to add a pop of color with either blue or lime green to go with the other accessories.

ME:  Oh, and did I tell you we need a bedroom color palette that has the blue my husband likes, the purple I like, and the green sink that we can't change?

COLOR:  Cannot compute. Hire a designer.


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