We found shoes!

For anyone following the saga of the shoe disaster, I am please to report we finally, finally, FINALLY, found our daughter some shoes that fit.

We had been everywhere.  Even Stride Rite.  If you can't get fit at Stride Rite, it's probably a lost cause, eh?

But my husband (who was the one that kindly took that trip to Stride Rite with our daughter a few months ago) just recently wondered if there was another Stride Rite anywhere close.

Ours had closed so he had to go to the one in the "hoity toity" neighboring city.

Surprisingly, he said the sales clerks there were really inattentive and more interested in smoking out back than helping find shoes.

So, we decided to drive an hour to another Stride Rite.

What great service.  And yes, the clerk did in depth measurements confirmed my suspicions.  Our daughter has feet whose different parts belong to 4 different shoe sizes :-)

Heel, instep, toe box, and arch all needed different size shoes.

She told us what brands might work best, how to use heel inserts to fix the problem, and what sizes to start with.

Amazingly the 3rd shoe she tried fit!  No heel slippage. And it was the exact color our daughter

It happened to hiding in the back and no one would have found it if we hadn't asked if there were more and the clerk hadn't been so gracious to go scrounge around.  I guess it was patiently waiting for us to arrive.

I feel immensely blessed.

Oh, and I found some clothes for my hard to fit self too!!  The clerk even hooked me up with a big discount.  Gotta love CJ Banks :-)

Here is our daughter happily breaking in her new shoes!


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