What every mom of a little girl with long hair should know!

I had no idea that 4.99 could transform my life and my daughter's life.

This knowledge would have saved me copious amounts of tears.

This simple tip would have saved me from torturous hours watching The Lawrence Welk Show.

Saturday night was always the dreaded bath night.

Mom would comb my hair while we watched TV.

I had long hair.

Really long hair.

It took forever to untangle all the knots.

My darling mother tried every detangling product on the market in the (now ancient) 70's.

Flash forward to the 2010's where I tortured my long haired daughter too.

Combing her hair was awful.

I tried every product recommended by the stylists at BoRics.

The Super Skinny Serum is pretty great for preventing bed-head, I've gotta say.

So that cut down on tangles.

But one super stylist told us the real secret to painless detangling.

And it's not any of their products! [gasp]

The real secret is not to comb hair.

The real secret is to brush it.

I would have never guessed that!

The real secret is using a paddle brush.

And the stylist told us the super spy secret.

The tip is to use the paddle brush in the "i" position not the "T" position.

So brush with the paddle handle pointed down like this:

Not like this:
It takes a bit of practice to hold the brush up and down but it is worth it!

The stylist explained that having the long hair go through the brush lengthwise gives more opportunity for the brush to do its work to smooth out the tangles.

And it is supposed to smooth out your hair too.

Guess what?

No more tangles!

No more tears!

And I do declare my hair is smoother too!!!


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