A cool way to play Clue with the pre-literate crowd

Family game night was a wonderful childhood tradition that I'm glad to carry on with our kids.  Given the age differences though, it can be challenging to find games that everyone can play and enjoy.

Our kids enjoy playing clue, especially the "real" Clue.  They enjoy Clue Jr. too, but the original version seems to hold more appeal.  Perhaps it's all those miniature pieces.

So we finally figured out a solution so my pre-literate daugher can play the "real" version.  (Though we remove the violent references from the game -- it's just about guessing what cards are in the envelope.)

I took images of all the cards from the original Clue and put miniature versions of them into a document. I added color coded bars to reference the name of the people.

I printed the document in color and placed it in a plastic sleeve protector.  Now my daughter can use a dry-erase marker on the plastic sleeve to cross off any of the cards she has and any of the clues she receives from others.  After the game we just erase the marks and reuse the document over again!

It might also be a good thing to try for older kids who can read but have difficulty holding on to all their cards.


Rinehart Studio said...

Wonderful idea! Can I borrow it?

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