We're all in this together...

I just checked out the map of the most recent vistors to this blog. 

In the blog stats provided I can also see what google searches landed people on this blog.  (Yes, I know it is kind of creepy the amount of information we can all find, but trust me, this information is in good hands.)

I've realized one big thing...

People all over the planet are searching for answers for their kids -- for their distracted learners, the dyslexic, ADHD, sensory challenged, brilliant children that are inheriting our past and creating the future.

And when funding for education is already taking a nose dive here in the U.S. and in many other places on the globe I feel worried about the future.

But I also know that we are a resilient people, the human race.  And we are going to keep searching for answers for our kids.  And we're going to solve these problems and make our own solutions.

Together we are going to build this brighter future for our kids.


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