Plant of the day: Ajuga

With spring upon us I have the usual urge to start replacing grass with flowers, herbs, fruiting plants, vegetables, and all things pretty and delicious!

One of my goals for this year is to remove more of the curbside grass.  It's hard to mow under all the trees there and there really is no use for the grass anyway. 

So instead of watering and mowing something useless, why not replace it with something pretty that doesn't need constant watering or mowing?!

So the plant I want to feature today is a perfect replacement for that useless grass: Ajuga. 

Ajuga is a low growing ground cover that can thrive in many kinds of soils and doesn't need a lot of water.    As an evergreen ground cover it is a nice replacement for grass. It's a perennial and it spreads to cover areas fairly quickly and choke out weeks. 

Because it does spread quickly it is best in areas bordered by hard edging or retaining walls.  So this makes it a good candidate for those front right of ways bounded by concrete curbing.

Check out the many varieties of Ajuga available at American Meadows and Classy Groundcovers.

It's a virtual flowering carpet and much more interesting than the hackneyed pachasandra.


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