Make your own Boom Whackers

My cousins recently attended a concert by the Blue Man Group and loved it. I am jealous! You can add their widget here.

Trying to capture some of that excitement back here at home, the kids and I experimented with a variety of percussion instruments ourselves, accompanying Shania Twain no less!

It also reminded me that I have been wanting to make my own boomwhacker-type instruments which are probably similar to one of the many instruments used by The Blue Man Group.

Thank you Dr. Dan Bruton, Dr. Walter Trikosko and Stephen F. of Austin State University for these great instructions!!

They also include a powerpoint presentation to help you use the musical tubes for discussion of both music and science.

DIY "Boom Whackers"

You can get sheet music for boom whackers and you can see lots of different groups using boom whackers in action.

You can also buy the original Boom Whackers (about $25) if you don't want to make them. 


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