Making small spaces look bigger....

Those brilliant designers tell us that having open floor space makes rooms look bigger.  So here are some examples of things we can do:

Wall mounted cabinetry and appliances

This wall hung cabinet and sink combination from ThundaFunda to show how much open space you feel when there are NO legs on the floor.

The wall mounted toilet from Vintage Tub not only saves space but saves cleaning time since there is no base to clean and obstacles to work around when cleaning the floor.

Clear Shelving, Appliances and Accessories

Using clear glass or acrylic items eliminates visual obstructions to help make rooms look larger.  (And curves are also supposed to make things look bigger.) This clear glass tub from Bathroom Accessories is one example.

This clear shower door from Natural Interior Design also expands the visual space.

And glass shelving units, like these featured at Apartment Therapy also do the trick!

White, Bright, Light

And above all else, keep it white, bright, and light in the bathroom with the use of light colors, reflective surfaces like tile and mirrors, and great lighting.  This example is featured at Apartment Therapy.


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