3 Super Inventive Creations

Looking at these projects makes me really appreciate the ingenuity that some people possess!

(1) No glue, No screw shelf

This PROP shelf from Design Soil is made to be compact for shipping and storage then assembled with no screws or glue!

PROP shelf

(2) Transforming children's drawings into realistic drawings

Elezea profiles the Monster Engine project in which children's drawings were transformed into realistic images by artist Dave Devries.  He has a book of drawings and prints available for purchase.

Child's drawing to realistic drawing by Dave Devries

(3) Pretty things from discarded fixtures

It takes such creativity to see this kind of potential in cast off materials.  Guess what these pretty things were in a former life?  Visit Pretty Handy Girl to learn how to make these treats.

Beveled glass ornament
Glass ornament



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