How are the Advent craft projects going?

Well, we're plugging away trying to do a whole bunch of crafts in preparation for Christmas.

Here is my version of the magazine wreath from the great tutorial at Childhood 101. Check it out if you want to make one yourself.

I followed their example although I used a scalloped edge cutter to give the edges some frill.  I also added the center "magazine lace" to cover the raw edges.

All the supplies are now ready so the kids can make their own today! 

I just had to make my own first to make sure I wouldn't interfere with their creative vision. [blush]

My magazine wreath

Hmmm.... I used the local business women's magazine to make this.  I hope it isn't sacrilegious to transform a publication designed to showcase women's ability to lead in the professional world into a traditional craft. 

Ah, yes. We women can have it all, right?  CEO by day. Crafter by night.

To be sure I did read it first though before I cut it up!  And I secretly wished I was still in my professional world where I had the opportunity and means to hobnob at all these gala events.


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