Roadside trash into treasure?

I'm a little giddy today.  I finished a project!!

Watching HGTV will make anyone think they can take a found piece of junk and turn it into the most beautiful piece in the room.

My attempts are usually less than successful. My one piece of trash turned treasure still looks like junk in a cluttered mismatched junky room.

But today I at least turned roadside trash into treasure something useful.

I saw a pretty periwinkle dresser, sans drawers, sitting by the road in my neighborhood.  I thought it had already been taken.

But then one day in a pouring rain, after a few days of pouring rain I saw that it was still there and *had* to have it.

My dear darling wonderful supportive ♥ husband ♥ hauled it home.

Warped from the rain, peeling paint, and no drawers, it came home.

I removed the entire back and parts of the sides that were warped.

I sanded the paint. I probably should have tested for lead but didn't.  At least I was outside.

Surprisingly, as I sanded the paint a sweet rose fragrance emerged.

I imagined this dresser must have belonged to a very lovely neighbor lady.

I puttied. (shh! Don't tell anyone but I spackled. I would have needed gallons of wood putty and spackle was much easier to work with.)

Then the blizzard came. Temperatures dropped. The garage floor got wet.

Time for the project to come indoors, lest I have more warped boards.

I sanded again. Indoors.

Did I mention the "workshop" is also the laundry room.

Did I also mention that the hand sander is supposed to catch the dust but doesn't do a really good job?

So this was my "girl" solution. 

I pretended like I was the dentist drilling the teeth AND the dental assistant with the sucker thingy catching all the tooth bits.

One hand on the sander (or the camera) and one hand on the vacuum hose.

Problem 1: The "dust catcher" doesn't stay on the sander.

I usually have to have one hand on the sander and one holding the dust catcher. 

It attaches in much the same way the vacuum hose does....or doesn't.

Problem 2:  The vacuum hose attachment kept falling off as well.

This method of "notch" attachment just doesn't seem to work. Whose idea is this?!

Solution:  Clearly the solution for both problems is duct tape. 

Or duck tape as it was first called. 

And sometimes still called if you use that duck brand stuff.

Done: With my trusty sander, vacuum hose, and paint brush, I got the job finished!!!

I know what you're thinking.

It looks the same as before only may a little less roughed up.

What can I say?  I had periwinkle "oops" paint on hand. And I don't make drawers.

Since there are no drawers I'm just planning to use it as open shelf storage.

Like I said, it went from trash to something that functions. Who said anything about being stylish?

Now, if I was an HGTV designer this would look great.


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