Advent (and beyond) Projects 2011

Let's see if we can craft our way with a craft a day with things that both boys and girls can enjoy!

Here are enough craft projects to get us making and decorating for Christmas and then keeping ourselves cheerful after the holiday let down and we're far away from family again.

To start with we need to have on hand, lots of glass jars with lids, plastic produce containers, tissue paper, sugar, sugar cubes, contact paper, tissue paper, lots of candles, wax, clothesline, fabric, felt...
  1. Put up our felt advent calendar -- just like the one I had as a kid that my grandma made.
  2. Sugar snowflakes from Here We Are Together
  3. Tissue paper window stars from Here We Are Together
  4. Twig lanterns from Here We Are Together or Layered felt flower hair pins using designs inspired by the Super Simple Magnets craft book and cool flower patterns from Danielle's Place
  5. Corn starch modeling clay for rubber stamped ornaments from Here We Are Together or recycled magazine bowls from Eye Spy DIY
  6. Coiled baskets or coasters from Disney Family Fun or a Magazine wreath from Childhood 101 [Here is the one I made]
  7. Wax painting from Here We Are Together
  8. Felt Christmas Trees from Felt-o-Rama or All Sorts
  9. Make a video read-along book for faraway cousins [dh, ds, and dd completed! I wish the out-takes weren't deleted before I got to see them.]
  10. Lighted Christmas castle or igloo from Here We Are Together
  11. Floating candles from Here We Are Together
  12. Moonbeams in a jar from Adventures at Home
  13. Ice Magic from Adventures at Home
  14. Decoupage marble magnets from Bumbleberries Boutique
  15. Japanese Inspired Upholstered Ornaments from Crafty Pod
  16. Fleece hats from Martha Stewart
  17. Bowling Boys from Disney Family Fun
  18. Hand-made dolls from Martha Stewart
  19. Monogram Corkboards from Martha Stewart
  20. Felt slippers or Felt moccasin slippers from Martha Stewart
  21. Star garland from From Blah to Tada
  22. Scrappy Tree from Beneath the Rowan Tree
  23. Take a break
  24. Take a break
  25. Well, you know. It's Christmas.
  26. Figure out how to address the Post-holiday blues and plan to make more stuff:
  27. Melted spoon rose pins from Can't Stop Making Things
  28. Melted fabric rose napkin rings from Creative Jewish Mom
  29. Fairy light wreath from Esprit Cabane
  30. Button wreath from Pyjama School
  31. Snowflake prints from Pyjama School or sequin snowflakes from The Moffat Girls
  32. Wax Pinecones
  33. Hot wax rocks from Wisecraft via Dano Gold
  34. Toilet paper Owls from Creative Jewish Mom or Toilet paper villages from Even Cleveland
  35. Newspaper bunting from H is for Homemade
  36. Sea glass pendants from The Magic Onions
  37. Make something from felt from Practical Enrichment
  38. Sew pin cusions like cupcakes, farms on jars, tomatoes, or please enter your pin
  39. Waldorf felt playscape or felt playscape from One Crafty Place
  40. Story stones from Beneath the Rowan Tree
  41. Matchbox dollhouse from One Crafty Place
  42. Gelato playdough from LMNOP
  43. Felt Chrysanthemum pillow from H is for Handmade
  44. Paper Roses from Folding Trees
  45. Magazine jewelry from Craft Stylish
  46. Folded paper Circus Cake from Bigfoot and Pickle face
  47. Many things from the Must Have List at the Handmade Experiment
  48. Felt broch from ecouterre
  49. Ribbon bracelet from Martha Stewart
  50. Fabric flower and button broches from Craft Stylish
  51. Fleece flower pillows from Come Together Kids


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