Easy to make Felt Shape Sorters

Here is a fun craft to make for little ones learning colors, shapes, and sorting.

This set includes 5 sorting containers and 5 squares, circles, half moons, triangles, and rectangles; one in each color.

Step 1: Gather materials

10 sheets of felt, 2 sheets of each each color
1 spool of thread for each color of felt used
Sewing machine with zig zag stitch (or needle for hand stitching)

Use 2 sheets of felt for each container and coordinating shapes

Step 2: Cut the first sheet into (1) square for the container and (1) strip for a rectangle

First sheet of felt

Fold the rectangle sheet of felt diagonally into a right triangle

Use this fold as a guide to cut the felt sheet into a square

Save the remaining strip of leftover felt

Fold over the strip to form a rectangle shape to sew

Step 3: Cut the second sheet into the remaining sorting shapes

Second sheet of felt

Fold the second felt sheet in half. 
When you cut out shapes you will end up with 2 of each shape.

Make patterns for tracing and cutting full circles, half circles, squares, and triangles.
These are in addition to rectangle left over from first sheet.

Cut out remaining shapes so you have 2 of each: full circles, half circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

Step 4: Sew sorting containers

Using large square from first sheet fold diagonally

Sew from top to bottom of the corner using a regular stitch
If no sewing machine is available hand stitch with running stitch

This results in a "pinched corner"

Repeat this step 3 additional times for 4 "pinched corners"

Cut off the triangle section alongside the stitch

This results in a square with sides

Flip inside out to form sorting container

Step 5: Sew shapes with zig zag top stitch

Switch to zig zag stitch
If no sewing machine is available hand stitch using blanket stitch

Layer both pieces of shapes on top of each other (of the same color)
 Using a zig zag stitch, sew around the outside of the shapes, leaving a small opening for stuffing

Stuff fiberfill into the shapes leaving enough fabric flat to fit under the presser foot

Continue sewing the shapes closed using the zig zag stitch

Repeat the process with all the colors of containers and shapes


Maple said...

Thanks for the step by step guide to all this. I will study it.

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