Kidscaping and Natural Playgrounds: 10 Sources for Design Inspiration

Kidscaping at Hoffman Hoopla

I've been introduced to lots of folks (lots from Australia!) encouraging "Natural Playgrounds." (Thank you Facebook!)

Instead of (or in addition to) commercialized play structures these natural play spaces encourage interaction with nature and reliance on natural, rather than "man"-made structures.
This is something many play and child development specialists are advocating, especially in light of increasing autism spectrum disorders, childhood obesity, and early and extensive use of technology by kids.

Google Search "Natural Playscapes"

Here are some great resources for inspiration:
  1. Natural Montessori Playgrounds. This includes an overview and checklist of potential materials to include in a natural playground.
  2. Dwell. Features a step-by-step slide show tutorial on how to build a natural playscape.
  3. Let the Children Play. This blog features ideas and photos from amazing schools that are implementing natural play areas.
  4. Rusty's Blog.  Author and owner of Earthplay, Rusty shares photos and ideas for incorporating natural features into kids' play.
  5. Hoffman Hoopla Kidscaping Projects. Please visit their blog to see all the amazing features they've incorporated into their backyard!
  6. Childscapes (AU). Company specializing in natural playscapes.
  7. Natural Playgrounds (US).Company specializing in natural playscapes.
  8. Earthplay (US). Company specializing in natural playscapes.
  9. Google "Natural Playscapes" and select images. You'll be lost daydreaming for hours!
  10. Library.  Check your local library for these inspirational design books:
Books for more ideas:


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