My Genre

When you go to the library to pick up reading for enjoyment where do you go?

Photo: Of Good Report or Praiseworthy
Do you go to a specific section? Fiction or non-fiction?  Books or Magazines?

Do you wander the aisles waiting for something to speak to you?

Do you gravitate toward whatever is new or recommended by the staff?

I usually wander aimlessly, searching for "just the right book." 

The problem is that I don't often know how to describe that "right book."
  • A good book is enlightening and energizing. I dance around on clouds for a few days.
  • The wrong book leaves me angry that I wasted my time and loathing the book. I get grumpy.
  • Needless to say, finding the "right book" is high stakes!!

I've decided this is what a good reading book is for me:
  • It teaches me about another culture or another time
  • It is usually told from a first person perspective or reveals truths about a real person or character(s) and thus life itself
  • It makes me laugh or gives me ideas
  • It lets me escape in some way
  • It doesn't make me angry, sad, or depressed!!

Here's what I have loved recently:



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