Turn old worn out socks into clothing for American Girl size doll

What do you do with socks that are too worn out and thin in too many places to be worth darning?
Easy! Turn them into knee-high socks for your favorite American Girl sized doll.

Here's how to turn these (boys medium size) holey socks into something for little sister's dolls:

Assuming the holes on in the heels or toes...

Cut off the bottom of the washed sock, retaining the upper cuff portions

Cut each cuff in half into two pieces

2 old socks = 4 new doll socks

Flip the socks inside out so the "right sides" are facing each other inside
Pin the sock so the sides stay together during sewing

Sew the cut ends and sides

Pink thread shows the sewn end and side (original top cuff is still open)

Flip the sock inside-out

Now the outside of the sock is on the outside!

Slip on the comfy socks so your dolls can relax


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