Experimenting with the Laws of Physics: Grandpa and the Grandkids

I love how my dad plays with the grandkids!

My dad is really smart and talented.
  • If you need something excavated and leveled in a tricky, difficult situation my dad is the one to call.
  • He has an amazing talent with earth.
  • His abilities to get unstuck in wet dirt are legendary.
  • Like many boys today, he loves to learn with his hands and by experimenting.
I love that he encourages that kinesthetic learning with all the kids, boys and girls.

Here is some fun they had today experimenting with trajectories, weights, ballasts, pulleys, leverage and force.
Grandpa's stone yard is full of natural and manmade materials for exploration
Goal orientation and persistence in action

It is clearly evidence that I am not a helicopter parent when it comes to real world play :-)




Tying  knots
Pulling from the right
Pulling from the left
Brainstorming strategies

More people pulling

Adding ballast weights

Grandpa asking questions about how strategies might work

Success!! Pallets down!!
...and the *real* playground sits empty at grandma and grandpa's


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