Decorating on the cheap from the hardware

I saw this idea on HGTV one time and always wanted to try it.

Our Brady Bunch era ranch house has oddly wide windows. Funky proportions.

It's next to impossible to find drapery hardware that fits, especially without having to use those extendable rods (yuck! curtains get stuck on the "hump") or without spending a fortune.

So check out these easy fixes for this problem using steel conduit as a drapery rod!!!

Great instructions and photos from shelterrific.

And an interesting bracket from diggs magazine!

Check out Thrifty Fun for finial ideas and using copper pipe as well as spoons and other household items for curtain hangers.

I wonder if this kind of bracket from Lowes would be the right size for one of the steel pipes.

And while you're working with steel pipe, here's something else you can do with it, courtesy of the Friends of Burlington Gardens. Go ahead, get a jump on spring and start an indoor garden!!


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